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Rainbow Cube - Blue

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Product Details


A magical atmosphere for sleep time! This clever new projector concept allows you to select the projection images with different individual colours to taste, or multi-colour changing effect, creating a sort of colour therapy atmosphere at bedtime!

The cube can be turned over to place the favoured projection in that specific direction: upwards, to left or right! 3 different styles one on each side: hearts, kites and clouds or stars - with plain nightlight projection on the 4th side. Each projection style can be used singularly in one of the 7 different colours or in the constantly changing multi-colour option. 3 styles of melodies accompany the light show: classical, ambient and the sounds of nature. A soft “first dreams” character face can be seen on one side, so baby can see its favourite bedtime friend as he drifts off into the world of dreams! 


Requires 3 x AA 1.5v batteries (Not included)

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Alternate images

  • Rainbow Cube - Blue
  • Rainbow Cube - Kites & clouds projection
  • Colour selector
  • Nightlight
  • Rainbow Cube - Stars projection
  • Magical bedtime atmosphere!
Rainbow Cube - Blue

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