From the belly of the mother to the first breastfeeding moments: Boppy breastfeeding pillow solutions for you and your baby.

The thrill of holding your baby in the arms, the joy of the first glances, the happiness to know each other feeding after feeding.
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Mum Comfort Collection

The range of pillows that offers necessary support to mums during pregnancy, helping them to alleviate possible discomforts and tension or simply to help them find a much more comfortable support for peaceful rest. Each pillow has been designed to offer the support and postural alignment necessary during sleep and relaxation.

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Nursing & Infant Support Pillow

It gives mum the correct amount of support while breastfeeding and also helps the baby to maintain a comfortable and natural position whilst sucking. Boppy is a 4 in 1 product: it is the best support for a relaxed breastfeeding, but also the ideal companion for the first steps of the growth.