Bath and cuddles

The daily bath, especially during the first months, is a moment of cuddling and relax for both mum and baby.


The baby's bath is not only a time for their hygiene, but also a moment for cuddles, to strenghten the relationship and contact with the mum and an occasion for the baby to get acquainted with water.

Bath time has a relaxing effect and can be a great way to encourage sleep. It can be done in the evening, before the last meal.

Always check with a suitable thermometer the water temperature: it should not exceed 36 - 37 degrees, while the room must be around 23 degrees so the baby will not feel cold. Before starting bathtime, let the baby familiarise with water, talking to your little one and sharing the pleasure of that moment.

Use specific products for bathing, suitable for the delicate skin of the baby, do not use soap or SLES-type surfactants. At the beginning you may use the same product for body and hair, specific for baby's skin, delicate, soothing and moisturising with a Ph that does not irritate baby's eyes.

Prepare everything you need prior to bathing, it is important that you never leave your baby alone in the tub or on the changing pad.

After his bath, cover your baby immediately with a baby towel which is more comfortable for the baby.

Dry your baby's skin, dabbing without rubbing. Use emollient, nourishing or moisturising products, suitable for children’s delicate skin. 

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