In case of fever.....

Fever is the natural defence of the immune system from viruses and bacteria, but it can frighten parents....


Fever can be a frequent occurrence, especially among children and is a physiological tool used by the body to defend itself from bacteria and viruses. These micro-organisms, in fact, find difficult to survive under high temperatures and fever is a way to defeat them. The raising of temperature is then a normal and required occurrence and it is the signal that the immune system of our son is working properly. 

But, you know, fever frightens parents a bit, especially if it's high, and the baby is young. But let's not fall immediately into the temptation to administer an antifebrile drug, let the baby's immune defences work, at least in the first stages. Let's step in when temperature exceeds 38/38.5°C or if the baby shows unease and discomfort. In any case, let's consult our paediatrician before administering any drug informing him on the evolution of the fever, on its duration, describing the illness and the behaviour of the baby and any contact with ill persons.

Obviously, the paediatrician must be informed on the way the temperature was taken and it is advisable to follow a single measurement procedure throughout the illness.

What can we do if our baby has a temperature? If the baby is breast fed, let's continue feeding him in that way. If the baby is older and not so hungry, let's not force things but rather propose small light and frequent meals. Provide to your baby frequently water, tea, camomille to drink, do not cover him too much and keep him as much calm as possible. Let your baby sleep a lot so that his immune system can work hardly to help the baby to recover well and quicker.

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