When your baby's nose is stuffy

Liberating his nose from excess mucus ensures regular breathing, a calm sleeping, and a relaxed attitude towards food.


Colds are frequent among babies. They are caused by temperature changes or frequently as a consequence of when babies come into contact with viruses in nurseries. In a case of a cold, let's help the baby to keep his nose as free as possible, in this way he can breath properly, sleep calmly, eat from the breast or the bottle without any difficulty.


As you know, young babies, are not able to blow their nose. Let's use then a sterile saline solution vials and then a nasal aspirator if the nose is really stuffed. The saline solution, delicate and respectful for the nasal mucosa, will make the mucus softer and as a consequence encourages its expulsion, while the careful use of the aspirator will help to liberate the nose in a delicate way. 

The baby will be able then to breathe easily and will not incur in the risk to suffer from any problem caused by the proliferation of germs and bacteria.

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