Polly Swing Up Baby Swing chair


The swing from newborns, remote controlled ideal for both indoor and out.


To rock your child, also using a remote control!

The Polly Swing Up Baby Swing Chair is suitable for newborn babies right up until they weigh 9kg, or until they are able to sit up unaided. The adjustable cushion can be positioned at two different heights and the booster can be completely removed to help you adapt the chair to your baby’s growth. The chair allows your baby to play and relax whilst they are seated in a raised position. The shaped booster cushion and double-layered padding ensure comfort and the ideal positioning, whilst the integrated crotch bar and 5-point harness provide safety and reassurance.The feature highlight of the Polly Swing Up Baby Swing Chair is the remote control capability. With 4 different rocking speed settings, you can rock your baby gently to sleep from a distance using the remote handset. Polly Swing Up the addition of the heartbeat sound option and gentle vibrations, to gently soothe your baby to sleep.The musical tunes and sounds of nature work to create a relaxing environment and when it comes to playtime, the colourful, hanging toys will help to stimulate and entertain your child. The Polly Swing Up Baby Swing Chair is also ideal for outdoor use. The raised seat keeps your baby off the ground whilst the adjustable canopy provides essential sun protection. The chair is compact once folded, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. 

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  • Technical information

    Product code: 4079110700930


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...sucking is an instint that reassures and calms your baby

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