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Oasys 1 Isofix With a breathing car seat every trip has a comfort air!

The NEW Chicco Oasys 1 Isofix Car Seat approved to ECE R44/04 standards, for the safe transportation of children weighing from 9 to 18kgs (Group 1). The child car seat features Isofix fittings and a top tether for easy and secure car fitting. It also has a Chicco double-check fitting system to ensure installation is correct. The deep seat with high sides creates cocoon-like protection essential for perfect retention and safety in case of impact. Thick padding in the head and seat sones are included for maximum fit and comfort, with the outer structure containing high shock proof features. Extra comfort is provided with the Air Ciculation System, where seat structure fabrics are perforated to allow maximum breathability. 5 position reclining seat system, featuring a one pull adjustment 5 point safety harness. Both the headrest and harness can be adjusted by button. The seat has labels displaying simple installation instructions and a QR code allowing a correct installation video to be accessed via mobile or tablet. The seat cover can be easily removed without disturbing the harness. The cover is also washable for maximum hygiene.  

Awarded with 4 stars!

Oasys 1 Isofix has been awarded with 4 stars in the European Consumer tests “2014 Car Seats” in the Group 1 category (9-18 kg). During these tests, independent consumer associations assess multiple aspects: safety in the event of front or side impact, handling and ergonomics, quality of the product and its materials, and ease of installation.


3 clicks only!

A stiff and solid connection between seat and car is created, because the seat is anchored to the car frame becoming an integral part of it through 3 anchoring points: 2 Isofix mounts (the forces produced by the collision are better controlled with a reduced impact on the child) and Top Tether (anti-rotation device for guaranteeing stability and safety).


Double Check System.

A Chicco patented system that, through specific indicators that turn green when the seat is correctly anchored on both sides, reduces the risk of a wrong installation in car to minimum.


Safer, simpler.

Just 3 steps are needed for installing the seat, removing the difficulty of the installation with the safety belt and reducing any risk of error.



The frame has holes in the areas contacting the child's body and is equipped with air vents that ensure the dispesion of heat during use.



The fabric lining is made of micro-perforated materials and tridimensional net ensuring maximum breathability.



The seat easily and quickly reclines in 5 positions for enjoyable naps.



Head rest and straps can be height adjusted at the same time for following the growth of the child from 12 months to around 4 years.


Lateral protection.

The seat was designed to:

- have an embracing shape protecting head, torso and pelvis without prejudice for the child's comfort;

- have side reinforcement in expanded polystyrene for absorbing energy in the event of a lateral collision, reducing the possible damage to the more stressed and vulnerable parts of the body such as head, torso and pelvis.


Easy to use.

Car safety means also less stress for parents who have to install the seat on the car and begin the journey with their child. The orange code was used, so that dad and mum can locate the command easily and the function related to it.


Group 1.

Approved according to the standard ECE R44/04 for transport on veichles equipped with Isofix system of children between 9 to 18 Kg (approximately between 12 months to 4 years). This seat is classified as UNIVERSAL ISOFIX (GROUP 1, class B1) and is compatible with most vehicles but reading the vehicle manual is required prior to installing the Seat. The manual will list the locations that are compatible with the size class of the car seat, BE CAREFUL! Durign the ISOFIX use, the anchoring to the lower mounts is not enough. It is compulsory to attach the Top Tether to the anchoring point provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

  • Technical information

Product code: 06079247950000



  • Group 1: 9-18 kg


  • Standard delivery throughout Italy at the cost of 7€
  • Free delivery on orders over 49.90€
  • Fast delivery in 1-3 working days
  • Return always guaranteed within 14 days of receiving the order
  • Technical information

    Product code: 6079247950000



    • Group 1: 9-18 kg


Watch the video and discover how Oasys 1 Isofix is installed.

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