Night Breeze Mattress Cover

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 0m+

Suitable for the Chicco Next2me, the Chicco Next2Me Dream and Zip&Go travel cot.

Super breathable mattress cover for Chicco Next2Me, Chicco Next2Me Dream and the Zip&Go!

This fantastic product features a safe hooking system with four elastic bands in order to safely attach it to the mattress.

Dimensions have been studied in order to match perfectly with the two side-sleeping cribs Chicco Next2me and Chicco Next2Me Dream and with the travel crib Zip & Go.

Super breathable, It allows air circulation within the surface in contact with the baby and the crib’s mattress, helping baby staying cool at night. 

The Night Breeze Mattress cover is compact and machine washable. 

  • Product Code: 00079592100000