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Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 0m+

Enjoy precious moments together!

Chicco Next2me: dreaming hand in hand!

Chicco Next2me side sleeping crib has been specifically designed to allow you and your baby to sleep next to each other without the need to share the same bed.

The ease of attachment and assembly, plus the removable and washable lining make life easy, making the Chicco Next2me bedside crib the perfect addition to any nursery. 

The benefits of side-sleeping
The benefits of side-sleeping

There are many benefits to sleeping close to your baby: you’ll get to spend extra time with your little one whilst developing a much strong bond. It’s not just your baby that can see the benefits; you too can sleep much easier knowing that your child is close by and safe from harm. Also side-sleeping can make breast-feeding much easier as there’s no need to leave the room, meaning mum gets the much needed rest she deserves. 

Easy to use wherever you are!
Easy to use wherever you are!

The special straps and adjustable height make the bedside crib easy to attach to any bed, while the included travel bag allows you to easily transport the crib. You and your baby can sleep next to each other wherever you go!

As comfortable as a nest.
As comfortable as a nest.

Designed with comfort in mind, the side-sleeping crib Next2Me includes a padded mattress as well as a mesh window for extra air circulation. You can simply tilt the crib if your little one is ever congested, helping with the breathing.

Key features:
Key features:

Travel bag included for easy transport.

Simple and safe fastening system to attach to parent’s bed.

Adjustable to 6 height positions to ensure compatibility with all beds including divans.

Mesh window for air circulation.

Removable and washable lining.

As baby grows can be used as a standalone crib up to 9kg. 

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  • Product Code: 07079339220930 LIGHT GREY
  • Open dimensions:  94 L x 66/81 H x 69 P cm Folded dimensions: 95 x 15 Weight: 9 kg Homologated from 0 to 6 months/max 9 kg.
  • The crib with the lowered side shall only used when fixed to the adult bed in accordance with the instructions for use.
  • Read carefully the instruction booklet included in the packaging. If the parent's bed is not compatible with the crib's fastening system, use the product as a traditional crib (with all sides closed).
  • This product is suitable for a child who is not able to sit alone, turn and raise himself by pushing on his hands and knees. Maximum child's weight: 9 Kg (indicative age of use 0-5/6 months).
  • The product must be used exclusively with beds with frames, do not use with the mattress only.
  • The product must be always secured against the long side of the bed.
  • • Do not use the product if the mattress of your bed as a height lower than 49 cm from the ground or exceeding 64 cm.
  • Do not use the product with beds featuring containers / drawers with base protrunding by over 8 cm from the mattress.
  • Do not use the product with beds featuring protrunding edges by over 18 cm from the mattress. The upper surface of the frame must have a maximum of height 38 cm.
  • When the product is installed, no gaps must be present between the lowered rail of the crib and parent's mattress.
  • When the product is used in "Co-Sleeping configuration (Fastened to the bed)", before laying down the baby, make sure that the fastening belts are fastened and tightened correctly, the product must be fastened to the mattress of the parents’ bed and there must be no gaps between the product and the mattress of the parents’ bed.
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