2 in 1 Sort & Beat Cube

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 1-3 Y

Extra smart sort & hammer toy!

Smart2Play: 2 in 1 toys to develop cognitive skills, logical association and hand-eye coordination.

2 in 1 Sort & Beat Cube is fun for your children and also stimulates the development of their cognitive skillslogical association thanks to the first shape sorting activity, and hand-eye coordination with the hammering activity.

Game 1: Sort: first shape sorting activity on 2 sides of the cube, with 4 different coloured geometrical shapes

Game 2: Beat: fun activity of hammering the 2 coloured balls on the other 2 sides of the cube

Two doors make it easy to release shapes and balls.

Smart2Play toys transform amusing creative experiences into fundamental cognitive achievements.

4 geometrical shapes
4 geometrical shapes

Geometrical shape sorter on 2 sides

Train hand-eye coordination
Train hand-eye coordination

Your children will learn while having fun with the hammering activity!

Open and close activity
Open and close activity

Easy and fun way to release all the shapes and balls.

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