Rocky the Drum

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 1-4 Y

My first Rock Band Drum with Orchestra mode 

Unleashes the drummer inside you!

With Rocky the Drum kids starting at the age of 1 year are able to easily hit the drums and interact with music tunes.
This toy is conceived to let kids play in any position they desire, by hitting with the 2 rubber-head sticks the 2 drums and the cymbal.

  • Enjoy 9 songs among 4 genres (Rock, Jazz, Rap and, for the first time in a toy, Trap)
  • More than 30 sounds of drums when you hit the drums and interact with all buttons
  • 5 volume levels: set the product at "Silent Disco" low volume or at "Rock Festival" high volume for performances in front of whole family
  • Feature 2 Lights that change colors for a Disco Effect

1) Freestyle
1) Freestyle

listen the songs and hit the drums as you wish. The lights will change color according to the drum you hit!

2) Follow the lights
2) Follow the lights

Learn how to play a drum set by hitting the drum the lights up.
Master this game mode by completing all musical sequences.

3) Orchestra mode
3) Orchestra mode

Become the Orchestra director! Decide which musical instruments accompany the drum instrumental base.

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  • Product Code: 00009820100000 no color
Technical Information
Batteries type: 3 x AA Mignon (1,5V/Zn-Carbon R6)
  • Please read the labels and warnings on the product packaging carefully before use.
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