Guess the Animal

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 6-18 M

A colourful flower-shaped activity center with lights and sounds to discover first animals!

Place the correct puzzle piece in its place and complete the game!

Press the funny central face to start playing and to activate the lights' sequence along with a funny jingle... Once the sequence stops on one light, associate the animal on the puzzle piece to the illuminated element. When the babies insert the correct puzzle piece, that animal’s sound is reproduced and when they complete the entire puzzle, the toy activates lights and funny melodies.

This funny and colorful toy helps develop logical association and cognitive skills, and manual coordination!

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Technical Information
Dimensions: 25.00 x 5.00 x 25.00 cm
Packaging dimensions: 26.50 x 3.70 x 25.00 cm
Batteries type: 3 x AAA Micro (1,5V/Zn-Carbon R03)
  • Please read the labels and warnings on the product packaging carefully before use.