Balance Bike ECO+

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 18 M +

The first Balance Bike ever made of recycled plastic

Balance Bike - ECO+

At Chicco we care about our planet and environment where children will grow up. That's why we developed Balance Bike - ECO+: thanks with our strong expertise on Balance Bikes, we shaped the design and feature of the first ever Balance Bike made in recycled plastic.
It's beautiful and up-to-date in the design, but also wonderful for acquire balance and feel the emotion to ride the first bike, both outdoor and indoor.

  • Design inspired by nature, “tech” design and architecture
  • Evolutionary saddle and comfortable handles. The curved design of the saddle follows the growth of the kids from 18 months to 3 years.
  • Anti-puncture wheels, suitable for any type of floor and terrain
  • 2in1 use: the bike is conceived and designed to be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Frame, seat and handles are made of 80% recycled plastic from industrial scrap
  • The packaging artwork is printed on recycled carton. All components are packed inside paper bag.
  • Made in Italy: designed, tested and manufactured in our Italy
  • Balance Bike ECO+ toys has the exact same high quality standards as any other Chicco product, both in terms of playability and product safety.
Evolutionary Balance Bike
Evolutionary Balance Bike

The size of each component of Balance Bike ECO+ has been designed and tested in order to be comfortable for kids from 18 months.

The toy follows the growth path and adapts to every weight and height of the youngest.

Anti-puncture wheels
Anti-puncture wheels

Wheels are covered by a depth EVA layer that let kid rides the Balance Bike on every terrain and floor.

The size of the Balance Bike let play inside the house, dodging furniture and carpet.
The strenght of materials let play also outside, at the park or gravel, just any other metal or wood balance bike.

Made in Italy
Made in Italy

Balance Bike ECO+ have been designed, tested and manufactured in our plant sites in Italy.
It's a perfect match between Italian design style and Chicco high-level security standards.

ECO+ for a better world
ECO+ for a better world

ECO+ is our offer of sustainable products, designed and made with the aim to take care of you and your children because taking care of children also means taking care of the world in which they will grow up. We want to act responsibly in respect of people and the environment with concrete actions to build all together a better world. 

Recycled Plastic
Recycled Plastic

Have you ever wondered what happens to the plastic discarded during the molding phase? if previously it was thrown away, now it is regrind to become the raw material of our products!

Balance Bike Eco+ main frame, seat and handles are made of 80% recycled plastic.
Plastic recycling is the process of recovering plastic's residues of industrial production and reprocessing the material into useful products.

Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging

ECO+ products' packagings are recyclable and the paper that we use comes from responsibly managed forests.

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  • Product Code: 00011055000000 GREEN
Technical Information
Dimensions: 68.00 x 49.00 x 35.00 cm
Product net weight: 2.64 kg
Packaging dimensions: 68.00 x 49.00 x 35.00 cm
  • Please read the labels and warnings on the product packaging carefully before use.