2in1 Tree house

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 6-36 M

2in1 stacking toy for endless fun! Stack all the tree's pieces in the correct order to build you 37cm tree house and then drop the 3 balls! What path will they take? Find it out!

Build your tree and let the balls roll down the slides!

2in1 evolutive toy developed with ANPE (Italian national association of pedagogists) to help little babies train thier hand-eye coordination skills and logic. from 6 to 12 months and adult will guide the babies to play together by helping them build the tree and drop the balls down the crown. From 12 to 24 months the adult will invite the kids to play on their own, by helping them in case they need a hand. From 24 months the adult will leave children experimentig the free playing!

Build the tree by stacking the cups and slides, then complete it by placing the crown on the top. Then have fun watching the 3 little balls dropping down the slides and inside the tree. By changing the rotation of the cups, it is possible to change the path of the little balls! Babies will have fun watching them drop, and guessing which path they will take!

The toy is made in italy and it is paint free!


  • Product Code: 00011084000000
  • 2in1 stacking toy in the shape of a tree, with 3 little plastic balls to play with
Product: 25 x 25 x 37 cm
Pack: 25 x 25 x 25 cm
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