Hedgehog Dou Dou

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 00 M +

Soft and cuddly dou dou with a textured hedgehog ring, both made of recycled materials. The light and soft fabric is made of 100% recycled polyester, while the nice and easy to grasp hedgehog, is made of 80% recycled plastic.

Their first Dou Dou made of recycled materials!

Very lightweight and soft dou dou that reassures and relaxes the baby during day and nap time. The hedgehog ring is very easy to grab and it stimulates tactile exploration thanks to the texturized recycled plastic and the different fabrics

The product is hand washable.




  • Hedgehog Dou Dou is a toy made of 80% recycled plastic and 100% recycled polyester, with a recyclable packaging. It is part of the Chicco ECO+, our line of sustainable toys that represents our commitment to act responsibly in respect of children and the environment in which they will grow up, by developing products using less fossil resources, contributing to reduce the plastic waste problem.
  • ECO+ toys has the exact same high quality standards as any other Chicco product, both in terms of playability and product safety.




    ECO+ for a better world
    ECO+ for a better world

    ECO+ is our line of sustainable products, designed and made with the aim to take care of you and your children because taking care of children also means taking care of the world in which they will grow up. We want to act responsibly in respect of people and the environment with concrete actions to build all together a better world

    Recycled Plastic
    Recycled Plastic

    Have you ever wondered what happens to the plastic discarded during the molding phase? if previously it was thrown away, now it is regrind to become the raw material of our products!

    Our hedgehog ring is made with 80% recycled plastic.
    Plastic recycling is the process of recovering plastic's residues of industrial production and reprocessing the material into useful products.


    Recycled Polyester
    Recycled Polyester

    Did you know that plastic bottles can become fabric? Our recycled polyester comes from used and discarded plastic bottles.

    These waste bottles are purified and grounded, and the small flakes are used to create the polyester that will be spun and used to create 100% recycled fabrics.

    Sustainable Packaging
    Sustainable Packaging

    ECO+ products' packagings are recyclable and the paper that we use comes from responsibly managed forests.

    + More Detail

    • Very soft dou dou made of recycled materials 
    • Hand-wash only
    Product: 20 x 2 x 20 cm 
    Packaging: 19 x 4 x 21 cm 
    • Prima dell'utilizzo, ti invitiamo a leggere con attenzione le etichette e le avvertenze indicate sul packaging del prodotto