Back pain in pregnancy: why it happens and how to prevent it

When the bump begins to get heavy, the posture that this forces the future mother to assume can cause annoying backache or pregnancy lumbago , which affects the quality and duration of sleep, and has an impact on general well-being.


Back pain in pregnancy is particularly common between the 5th and the 7th months, and affects over 50% of expectant mothers and 25% of women for a period of time even after childbirth.

Causes of back pain in pregnancy

The main cause of back pain in pregnancy is the increased weight of the abdomen.

This causes a forward displacement of the body's centre of gravity, and a consequent postural response, with the head, shoulders, spinal column and knees leaning backwards in an attempt to balance the weight.

These postural adjustments increase the load on the lumbar spine and the spinal column, and can cause that annoying pain that can undermine the well-being and serenity of the expectant mother.

Remedies for relieving back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy underwear, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of a woman's body while pregnant, can help to relieve the symptoms of lower back pain.

A girdle, for example, can eliminate pressure, especially on the back, an area that is increasingly sensitive as the pregnancy progresses.

Generally speaking, light but regular physical activity can help to strengthen the lumbosacral muscles, thus supporting the bump with less fatigue.

So it's yes to water gymnastics, yoga or, more simply, relaxing walks to recharge both body and mind.

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