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Becoming a parent is a journey filled with unique moments: from the first kick, to feeding and bedtime routines, to first steps and setting off for an adventure by car. Chicco offers products to enhance all your precious moments with love and experience.

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It is safer to have children travel in the opposite direction of the direction of travel for at least 15 months

A bottle full of love

Bottle-fed babies, too, can still enjoy the touch and love of the mother, as is the case with breastfeeding.

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A baby carrier to keep your little one close

Carrying your little one in a baby carrier allows close physical contact, which is positive for the parent and reassuring to the child - a gratifying experience for both.

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Babies and car sickness: tips and remedies for preventing it

When travelling by car, train, or boat, and even at the playground, motion sickness can cause discomfort and malaise.

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Saturday night fever!

Fever in little ones is often unexpected and always unwelcome, especially at the weekend, causing anxiety and difficulties for parents. Here are a few tips for dealing with it.

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