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Chicco: safety and comfort

Chicco offers the solution that best suits your travel needs: from baby seats to reclining cushioned seats that guarantee an ergonomic posture.

Car seats are versatile and simple to install in the car, whether you choose the car belt fastenings or the Isofix system, all our products guarantee ease of use and protection in the car.

They are always technologically advanced, made from high quality materials, characterized by ergonomic lines that constantly support and protect children.

Chicco travel accessories 

Along with our car seats, Chicco also offers accessories to further enhance the travel experience. It’s your baby’s car too!

We’ve got everything you need to take care of your little passengers: gadgets for long journeys, mirrors to help you keep an eye on your child when facing the other way, sunshades for when it’s hot and sunny or a handy container in which to keep those favourite toys and not leave them at home.