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Travel System & Pushchairs 

Just like car seats, there are a number of different terms and categories you will need to get your head around. So whether you need a full travel system suitable from birth or a first or second stroller, this handy guide should help.

Travel systems

A travel system allows you to buy everything you need in one go – it is basically a pushchair that is compatible with a rear-facing car seat, making it convenient to move baby from car to pushchair and vice versa. The car seat conveniently attaches by simply clicking or slotting into the frame or via separate, specialist adaptors. It also provides parent facing configuration.

Some travel systems also include a separate carrycot, which is ideal for babies up to 6 months old, allowing newborns to lie completely flat. Others have a lie flat seat.

Whilst a more expensive option initially, travel systems can see you right through from birth to 3 years plus and may be the only pushchair you ever purchase. They also often come with handy accessories like rain covers, sunshades and foot muffs so can actually save you money in the long run.

First Stroller (lightweight buggy)

A first stroller or lightweight buggy can make all the difference if you will be taking your buggy in and out of the car a lot, making numerous short journeys or frequently using public transport. As the name suggests they tend to be both lightweight and compact. Some lightweight pushchairs are suitable from birth but it is extremely important to check that it reclines to a flat position for newborns.

Second stroller

Ideal for babies aged 6 months and up, once you no longer need a lie flat position, and for the family who loves to travel, some strollers and buggies are compact enough to fold way in an aeroplane’s overhead locker. These are perfect for getting out and about in a hurry or for short, everyday outings, where you’re not necessarily exploring tough terrain. They are also ideal for small car boots or stowing away in cupboards at home.

Double or tandem pushchairs

The perfect choice for the growing family, these pushchairs have space for two! Double pushchairs have two side-by-side seats and are usually suitable from birth so perfect for twins. Tandem pushchairs have one seat behind the other and are better for siblings of different ages.

So, you are ready to make your decision but just before you do you might also want to think about:

Storage: Travelling light is practically unheard of when it comes to getting out and about with a newborn so you will need ample storage space on your pushchair or travel system for changing bags and other essentials.

Accessories: Come rain or shine, whatever the weather you will need to transport your little one from one place or another or simply want to get outdoors for some fresh air. Some pushchairs come complete with a number of accessories including sunshades, foot muffs and rain covers but if not you will need to add these useful items to your shopping list.