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Relax & Playtime

Many parents will bounce their little one in their arms throughout the day, but every once in a while you need to have your hands free – whether it’s simply to make a cup of tea or to answer the door. At this point, it’s important to consider a safe place to leave your little one, especially if they are at the point of being able to roll or crawl.

A baby bouncer or swing can help leave your hands free, or simply just give your arms a rest, while keeping your little one safe and out of harm’s way. During those early weeks and months, your baby will enjoy simply sitting in a reclined position and looking at your face, while the soothing rocking motion can often help lull them into a peaceful sleep


Here are some of our top tips:

• Bouncers require you to gently hand rock, whereas electric swings are either battery or mains operated and can have up to eight different speed settings.

• Most bouncers are lightweight, making them easy to move around the home so you can keep your little one close by.

• Once your baby is a little older and realises that their arm and leg movements are all that is needed to make the baby bouncer rock, the fun will begin!

• By choosing a bouncer that has different positions, you will be able to adjust the seat as your little one grows to depend on their needs.


Even as a newborn, babies are attracted by bright colours and at 3 months they will begin to grab and move objects.

To help provide extra stimulation throughout the day, many baby bouncers and swings come with additional features such as toy bars for your little one to grip and sounds that will keep them engaged, but ideally, they should be removable so that there are no distractions when trying to rock your little one off to sleep.