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All you need is a good night’s sleep!

A good night’s sleep is vital for the wellbeing of both you and your baby. However for many new parents the prospect of getting a few hours of precious, undisturbed sleep may seem an impossible goal.

It is a simple fact that every baby is different and some are good sleepers and some are not. By establishing a healthy sleep time routine in the early days and following a few simple rules you will find that you are both sleeping peacefully and for longer. It is also recommended that the safest place for your baby is to sleep in your room for the first six months. It is important to follow the latest safety guidelines and put your baby to sleep in their own separate cot or crib rather than sharing your bed. This is known as side-sleeping and is becoming an increasingly popular and safe way of effectively lying close next to your baby but without having to share a bed or bed covers.

Side-sleeping has many benefits for both parents and baby including helping newborns adjust to sleeping patterns, making feeding easier during the night and encouraging baby-parent bonding. And whilst, unfortunately, we cannot wave a magic wand and make all babies sleep from 7pm to 7am every night, our award-winning collection of side-sleeping cribs and sleep time nightlights and projectors are designed to help you both get a better and more peaceful night’s sleep.