Games suitable for your child's needs: the right stimuli to make them grow up happily!

Play on nature's side

The future of our children and of the environment they will live in is our hands. With Chicco, you can choose to take care of it, because each gesture, even small, is important to create a better and more sustainable world.

That's how we help you raise them today, keeping their tomorrow in mind!

The perfect ritual for sleep time

From the earliest days, Chicco toys help you create a relaxing environment where your children can fall asleep and allow everyone to rest peacefully. Personalize the right atmosphere, choosing from what you like best: colourful projection, classical music or sounds of nature, a reassuring night light and soft fabrics, for magical moments of pampering!

Shaping creativity and logic

There comes a time when children, observing the shapes around them, are ready to face their first challenges. You can stimulate them with toys that will help them develop cognitive and creative skills, starting with their natural passion for stacking objects, fitting shapes and dropping towers. By also playing together, they will learn to overcome the first difficulties and to rejoice in their important achievements.

Inspired by the grownups, designed for the little ones

Scoring a goal, making a strike have the strengths to make sport a common passion. Sports toys stimulate movement and help the child to learn specific skills, from precision to coordination, training willpower and team spirit.

Music time together!

Music is the most natural way to get to know each other, have fun together and express yourself creatively. Everyone has their favourite genre and instrument: from classic piano and drums to more modern ones. Unleash your voice, dance and follow the beat!

Attention, it’s a beautiful game

Psychomotor development begins from the first days of life and leads the child to progressively acquire postural, motor, cognitive and relational skills. All this passes through the senses and the discovery. Activities such as noticing the change of season, walking on the grass or listening to the rustle of the leaves are daily discoveries that favour the development of the child, but which are increasingly likely to go unnoticed. Help your children to dwell on what is around them and to regain the beauty of the world. Small sensory discoveries and moments of play together in tranquillity are enough to train their concentration and curiosity.

Always start from the ABC

The word is a revolutionary discovery in the lives of children and their parents, to get to know each other and understand what one needs. You can help children experience language skills with educational bilingual games that offer them developmental language stimuli from 6 months up to 6 years to learn while having fun!

Educational toys inspired by the Montessori Method

Your children's cognitive learning is enhanced if it passes through play, movement and experience. Montessori and STEM methods help to read, write, count and develop logical thinking through the use of the body, shapes and self-correction. The activities offered are evolutionary and follow the development of your child always starting from play and fun. Because to know, you have to know how to play!

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