High chairs or Booster Seats... find the best accessory for your little one to enjoy the discovery of food!

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Weaning is great fun! Watching their reactions to different tastes and textures, their likes and dislikes, is a constant source of amusement for many parents. Choosing the right highchair for your baby has a huge part to play in the weaning journey. Highchairs help to keep your baby in a secure, upright position for feeding, and also let your baby join in with family meal times at the dining table.

There is a huge selection of different types of highchairs available and it can be a confusing process making the right decision. However, by keeping just a few simple things in mind when selecting your highchair, you and your baby will be on the first steps of the weaning journey in no time.


Is it easy to clean?

Let’s face it weaning is a messy business and babies can literally cover themselves and everything around them in all manner of yummy foods. You will feel like you are constantly cleaning up after them so you will want a highchair that is super easy to clean with a wipeable fabric and preferably removable straps.

Will it be comfortable?

Your baby is going to spend plenty of time in their highchair so make sure it will be a positive experience for them by ensuring that the highchair seat has plenty of padding and room for them to manoeuvre.

Does it have a large, lipped food tray?

For baby-led weaning, in particular, a large tray with a raised lip will help mak ing weaning easier and, hopefully, slightly less messy as your baby explores new foods, playing with different textures and shapes on their tray before finally feeling confident enough to taste them. Detachable trays also make highchairs easier to clean and when your child is ready to eat at the family table, you can remove the tray and the highchair magically transforms to their first dining chair.

Is it easy to fold away?

There is no need for your highchair to be in constant view so one that folds away easily and is compact enough to hide away when you want to is a good idea. Easy, compact folding also means your highchair will be easier to transport if you need to.

How long do you want your highchair to last?

Some highchairs are designed to last longer by converting from recliner to highchair to booster seat at the table. There are some, like our innovative Baby Hug 4-in-1, that lasts even longer converting from a crib and recliner into a highchair and first chair, taking care of your baby from the very first few weeks through to when they no longer need assistance to sit at the table.

Finally, what safety features does the chair have?

It is important that your chair meets the current safety standards and you should always use an approved safety harness with crotch, waist and shoulder straps in the early stages. If your highchair doesn’t come with them, these are available separately.