Play to grow!

How to choose the best suited toy for your child's age.


For children playing is a very important thing and involves their energies and resources, it's like a real «job»! It is one of the several ways they have to know the world around them as well as themselves. Furthermore, playing varies along the different stages of development of the child, starting from his young age. For this reason, Chicco thought to manufacture toys suitable for the different growing stages of children, for accompanying them during this wonderful path made of achievements and discoveries. �

chicco-toys-1 chicco-toys-1

From birth to the 3rd month, look, hear, touch.

Since his birth, the newborn baby detects everything wakes in him any sensation and transforms it in information that help him to know himself and the surrounding world. During this stages, the musical carousels with moving hanging toys and light objects to grab are ideal for a newborn baby.

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From 4th to 8th month: cuddle, grab, caress.

The baby is capable to test all the objects around him using all his senses and begins to communicate and interact with his parents through repeated sounds. It's the ideal moment to start playing with different shapes and materials, with speaking and musical toys and for reading illustrated books with mum and dad.

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From 9th to 12th month: grab and release, creep and crawl.

A baby's motor skills are evolving: it's the moment to explore, crawl and move the first steps; he is fascinated by the toys that stimulate movements and by whatever can be assembled or disassembled. First steps or Sit 'n ride, to "climb" and seat on, will make him aware to be grown up.

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From 12th to 18th month, understand, speak, move.

The more time passes the more the child refines his motor coordination and his stability. He loves to drag and move his favourite objects. During this period, he starts using a few words and to understand several parts of the adult's language. Toys which speak more languages and employ foreign phonemes may be formative.

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From 18th to 24th month: move, imagine, communicate.

During this period, the child is more and more independent and capable to coordinate his movements using, for example a trike or remote controls. He loves to be the main character while playing, uses toys that speak, interact and allow him to express his unstoppable desire to communicate.

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After 24 months: imitate, create and socialize.

The child is clearly developing his ability to imagine and uses symbolism for interpreting, seeing and felling the world. His preferred toys are those which leave more space to his fantasy and creativity.