First Dreams

A show of lights, sounds and colours


First Dreams Line

The happiness of falling asleep amidst a thousand colours and gentle melodies. The First Dreams line accompanies your baby in a world of dreams. With its spectacular projection effects it's ideal for relaxing parents and children. Available in pink and sky blue versions and beautifully packaged it is an interesting gift proposal for a birth. �


A precious birth gift.

Carousels, projectors and night light to hang on the bed.

The elegant birth bows, available in pink and sky blue, frame the precious package.

An ideal gift for anybody wants a toy with a linear design characterised by classic colours, a rich selection of relaxing melodies and spectacular luminous effects.


A rich selection of relaxing melodies.

Carousels, projectors and night light to hang on the bed. Classic musics from famous composers, new age melodies and sounds of the nature. A mix and a rich selection of melodies to relax with your baby.

first-dreams-1 first-dreams-1

A Classic, reinvented.

Carousels, projectors and night light to hang on the bed. Design with smooth and essential lines, detailing in precious fabric for a product line dedicated to bedtime. An enchanted atmosphere made for relaxing lights and melodies to live together with your baby. All the products of the line are available in pink and sky blue.

first-dreams-2 first-dreams-2

Spectacular projection effects.

Magic Star Carousel for daydreaming. The unique double projection rotates and projects, at the same time, on the ceiling of the room and on the cover of the carousel magic stars and remote galaxies. The selection of classic and New Age melodies relaxes the baby guiding him to a world of dreams.

first-dreams-3 first-dreams-3

Games of lights and colours.

 Customize the ambiance of the room choosing among one of the several projection combinations, night lights, colours and different directions for rocking your baby in an ever changing atmosphere. A rich selection of classic, New Age melodies and sounds of the nature help your relax and entertain the child.

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