The excitement of holding them in your arms

There are many ways to breastfeed your baby but only one way to get them to settle: being relaxed yourself. Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed, what matters is that your baby is fed and grows properly so that you can enjoy this moment.

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for mother and child alike and creates a special bond between them. As with anything, breastfeeding can be

challenging and cause uncertainty at first   but this can be overcome with the right products and the right advice. Discover all the products that can cater to your needs, letting you experience this unique and special moment with complete peace of mind.



Practical Advice

Your first gesture of love!

What to do

...check that your baby is correctly attached to the teat

What to not to do

...weight your baby after every suck, once per week is fine

What to do

…feed every time they want during the first week

What to not to do

… keep the formula milk for the next suck

What to do

…choose the right teat and the flow for your baby's age

What to not to do

…wake the baby up because of breast feeding

What to do

...use a feeding pillow even if you are bottle feeding

What to not to do

...demand that the baby finishes the milk on the bottle every time

Knowledge, scientific expertise, experience and a responsible approach are the values we embrace.

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