Out and about

Living every day: together and free

You are inseparable, even during outings.

Wherever you're going and whatever you leave the house for,

you're free to do everything. Free to go anywhere.

Your first outings together, your first outdoor trips: your baby's first contact with nature will help them develop their senses  as well as their curiosity and imagination. So visits to the park, strolls around town and outdoor trips are all welcome: it doesn't matter what season it is, what matters is being well-equipped and organised. That includes being prepared for the unexpected. All your usual places will suddenly gain new colours and smells because you will see them through new eyes: your baby's. Discover Chicco's ergonomic and comfortable strolling products with plenty of handy accessories.



Practical Advice

Peaceful sleep starts with some simple, good habits. Here are some tips for safe sleep:

What to do

…bring everything you need, you will never know what may happen

What to not to do

…go for a stroll in busy areas

What to do

... comment together what you are seeing during the stroll

What to not to do

…bring your baby with you during tiring shopping

Knowledge, scientific expertise, experience and a responsible approach are the values we embrace.
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