Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 0m+

3.5kg-15kg                                                                          Wrap your baby in a soft hug and total comfort          

Boppy ComfyFit is the easiest way to wear your baby

Boppy ComfyFit helps you keep your baby close to you always in a natural and practical way. It is easy to wear and lightweight, allowing you to move around freely while encouraging the child's interactions with surrounding environment. It is the perfect mix between a wrap and a structured carrier and wraps the baby in a soft hug for a maximum skin to skin contact and in the meantime it’s easy and safe to wear.

  • "M" position of the legs: Helps to promote proper position of the baby’s legs for optimal anatomical development of the hip joint: in a frog squatting position for younger babies, while for bigger babies with their legs spread widely apart and their knees up high.
  • "C" position of the back: Gives uniform support to the baby’s back, keeping the spine in its natural C-shape.
  • Head & Neck support: The padded centre panel offers further support to the neck and to the head of the baby
  1. Fasten the belt in line with the belly button
  2. Bring the strap to the shoulders and place your baby
  3. Cross the straps on the back and tie in a double knot
  • WIDE STRAPS: Provide correct weight distribution on the back of the parents.
  • TO-GO POUCH: To keep the carrier clean and contained.
  • ZIPPERED POCKET: For phone, keys and cash.

Machine washable at 30⁰ and dryable for maximum hygene.

+ More Detail

  • Product Code: 07079949470000 GREY
  • When using this product constantly monitor your child
  • Infant can fall through a side opening
  • Before each use, make sure all fasteners/knots are secure
  • Take special care when leaning or walking
  • Never bend at waist, bend at knees
  • Only use this product for children between 3,5 kg and 15 kg
  • Infants under 4 months can suffocate in this product if face is pressed tight against your body
  • Do not strap infant too tight against your body
  • Allow room for head movement
  • Keep infant's face free from obstructions at all times
  • Make sure newborns to 3 months are positioned properly in the product to provide adequate head support
  • Do not place blankets or jackets over the child while he is in the product
  • Do not place blankets or jackets over the child while he is in the product Make sure the product is not covering the child’s nose or mouth at any time during use.
  • Do monitor baby's breathing at all times. Make sure a young infant's chin is off his or her chest and the back is supported
  • Child must face towards you
  • Do not tie the ends of the straps close to the child's abdomen as it could cause it to become constricted
  • The straps should not fall below the knees of the adult user. Wrap them around the waist again if necessary
  • Do watch your step, as your balance can be affected while wearing
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