Chicco Next2Me Air| Co-sleeping crib

Age Appropriate / Suitable for ages 0 M +

It's easier to feed your baby and keep an eye on him, it's more comfortable to sleep, it's nicer to stay together!

Colour STONE

Chicco Next2Me Air: dreaming hand in hand!               

The crib is better than the cot during the baby's first few months of life. Its enveloping shape and compact design make the baby feel more secure and content, imparting the feeling of being in a safe environment, somewhat similar to the uterus and making the transition from uterine to extra-uterine life more pleasant, natural and gradual.

With Chicco Next to Me Air you and your baby will be able to spend calmer nights and you will be able to cuddle and feed him any time he wakes up.
In this way the bond between mum, dad and baby will be even stronger and night time quieter!

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  • Product Code: 00079620850930 STONE
  • The crib with the lowered side shall only used when fixed to the adult bed in accordance with the instructions for use.
Technical Information
Dimensions when open: 69.00 x 94.00 x 0 cm
Product net weight: 9.00 kg
Packaging dimensions: 95.00 x 60.00 x 15.50 cm
Package weight: 9.90 kg
  • Please read the labels and warnings on the product packaging carefully before use.
  • This product is suitable for a child who is not able to sit alone, turn and raise himself by pushing on his hands and knees. Maximum child's weight: 9 Kg (indicative age of use 0-5/6 months).
  • The product must be used exclusively with beds with frames, do not use with the mattress only.
  • The product must be always secured against the long side of the bed.
  • Do not use the product if the mattress of your bed has a height lower than 49 cm from the ground or exceeding 64 cm.
  • Do not use the product with beds featuring containers / drawers with base protrunding by over 8 cm from the mattress.
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