Since its birth, the foundation has helped more than 1,300,000 children through 1,450 projects in Italy and in 72 countries around the world.
The foundation is supported by several institutional bodies in carrying out administration activities: President, Board of Directors, Technical Committee, Board of Statutory Auditors.    

Mission Bambini

Mission Bambini supports projects in favor of children and young people in need: these projects are managed by qualified non-profit organizations (partners). The requests for support are evaluated and selected according to a series of parameters and are implemented in cooperation with other private social care operators. After signing an “ethical contract”, the funds are supplied at various stages of development of each project. The development of the supported projects is monitored and subjected to an ongoing evaluation by means of periodical reports sent by the partner, on-site inspections by members of the Foundation and volunteers’ visits.

The Foundation’s Financial Statement is audited by an external auditing firm. Foundation’s staff counts 22 employees. In addition to the staff, the Foundation can count on a national net of 1,000 volunteers. Early in 2015 the Italian Foundation created Mission Bambini Switzerland and Friends of Mission Bambini fund - USA.

The choice of Chicco to link into the "Mission Bambini" Foundation came about from the common Italian origins of the two founders, the Cavaliere del Lavoro Pietro Catelli and Mr. Goffredo Modena and of the two entities that found in solidarity a territory of sharing and fruitful collaboration.