Christening Gift Registry: What to Include

Ideas and advice for preparing a list that suits your needs


The christening is one of the first important events for an infant after birth. It's a moment of great significance for the parents and often provides an opportunity for the entire family to give the baby love and attention. It's also an opportunity for mothers and fathers to complete their child's layette with gifts that will prove incredibly useful as the baby grows. For this reason, a growing number of people choose to help their guests by including a christening gift registry in their invitation, providing suggestions and ideas for suitable, practical presents to meet the baby's needs. 

Ideas for a newborn

Many families decide to baptise their baby when they are still very young, over the first months of life. Over this period, parents need to have a range of useful items on hand to help them as the baby moves through the various phases of growth. Some of the best ideas to include in the baptism gift registry include: 

  • A reclined cradle or swing for the infant.

  • A lightweight pushchair, to be used after the Trio.

  • A highchair or hook on chair, depending on the parents' preferences.

  • A group 1 car seat, to be used when the baby grows out of the infant car seat.

The christening gift registry can be completed with numerous other ideas to offer valid options for every price range. Here are some of the less expensive, but still particularly useful ideas: 

  • Cot mobile for the crib;

  • Musical box or star projector with music;

  • A gym for infants;

  • A children's play mat;

  • A baby carrier or a support belt;

  • A baby food cooker, if mummy and daddy want one;

  • A baby meal set and cutlery set;

  • A cute nightlight for children;

  • A soft plush toy.

Infants need to change their wardrobe often. Why not add a few interesting ideas for clothing to the christening gift registry? This ensures that mummy and daddy will receive clothing and linen that suit their tastes and the specific needs of their child. Here are some ideas:

  • An outfit for infants;

  • A babygro;

  • Accessories for bathtime (such as a bathrobe and square towels).

The Christening Gift Registry for an Older Child

For children who are a little older, closer to one year old for example, the christening gift registry will need to be adjusted to suit their age. By this point, many of the primary needs have already been met. Therefore, toys may be the ideal choice: here are some ideas

  • A ride-on toy, like the Chicco rodeo

  • Remote controlled cars for children

  • Construction toys

  • Rag dolls, being soft and lightweight makes them ideal for younger children

  • A bicycle, like the balance bikes, a popular trend among young first time parents, or a tricycle

  • A first steps toy, ideal for a child who is starting to walk

Clothing and linen are always useful and appreciated, making them a great idea during this phase as well. 

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