Home Safety for Babies

How to avert the risk of accidents at home

Child-safe home


The goal: a baby-ready home

The home can conceal a series of preventable dangers: accidental falls, burns and poison are among the most common. Making the home safe and suitable for a baby is the first thing new parents need to take care of, paying attention to hidden risks and taking the necessary precautions right from the start. There are various accessories that help with this task on the market.

On the alert from birth

From the moment they enter the home, baby can never be left alone, on the bed, on the changing mat, on the sofa, on the highchair or when bathing. It’s important not to give them toys made of parts that are too small, which they could swallow accidentally, and not leave soothers or toys with cords that could wrap around their neck in the crib by mistake.

Red alert: now they’re crawling

Before they start crawling, the first thing to do is cover all the power sockets and prevent access to hazardous substances, like detergents, medicines and poisonous substances. There are socket covers and door locks designed to prevent dangerous explorations on the market. Other important steps are to fit gates where stairs start, make windows and any balconies safe and prevent them from getting to the hob.

When they walk, they’re a little explorer

When they’re around one year old, your baby starts to stay upright and explore every corner of the house. It’s important for their curiosity to be satisfied, but also protected. To make the home ready and safe for your baby: cover the corners at the height of their head and the higher sockets; fix the carpets to the floor; don’t leave matches, lighters, alcohol, flammable liquids or knives around; don’t leave the iron unattended; and pay attention to the little items around the house like bags, mobile phones, remote controls and keys. But a list of the safety measures you need to take for their sake can never be enough. The best advice is to never let your guard down.

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