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Remedies against mosquitoes, for you and your child

Prevention and care, how to protect yourself from mosquitoes


Mosquitoes, unwelcome summer companions

In summertime, children should be protected from bites, with environmental strategies and natural remedies against mosquitoes specific for children.

But what are mosquitoes for?

Mosquitoes are something anyone would do without. Yet these bothersome insects also play a role in the ecosystem: for example, they are important pollinators and are also abundant food for fish, lizards and bats. One thing is certain: as long as temperatures are high, your baby's delicate skin needs to be protected carefully.

Bites, prevention starts from the environment

To prevent mosquito bites, mosquito control with ecological repellents is possible in outdoor areas such as gardens and courtyards. At home mosquito nets on windows and plants, such as geraniums, lavender, basil or lemongrass on the windowsills are useful, making sure to avoid the stagnation of water in the pot dish. Citronella candles, as well as pyrethrin-based electrical mats are among the most effective mosquito remedies, but they need to be used outdoors or in well-ventilated environments.

And for a walk with the little one, what are your remedies against mosquitoes?

It's not a real trap, but certainly the use of a thin-meshed mosquito net to protect your child's pram is a great remedy against annoying insects. Before leaving, the delicate skin of your child should be protected with specific repellent creams for children, natural remedies based on vegetable extracts that do not irritate skin.

Strategies for soothing itching

What if the child already has a mosquito bite? A moisturizing and soothing cream is often enough to ease itching and will prevent your child from scratching. When the itching is particularly intense, you can apply ice - wrapped in a soft cloth - directly on the mosquito bite. The vasoconstrictive effect of the cold has an anaesthetic and calming effect.

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