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Keeping a watchful eye at all times

Driven by the instinct to protect their little ones, parents like to keep a watchful eye at all times, even when baby is sleeping.


Before the child is even born, mother and baby begin to develop that symbiotic relationship of intimate understanding that will increase in the first few months of baby's life, and that will grow ever greater, assuming different forms.

For his part, the father will gradually get to know and understand his little one by getting involved in baby's daily care. Bathing, changing and cuddles before bed are important moments for bonding and for mutual communication. This instinctive drive to care for and protect baby creates a constant urge in parents to keep a careful watch on their little one at all times, organising every last detail to prevent any potential problem from arising.

Watching over baby, even during sleep

After the first few months of life, when babies can sleep alone in the nursery, parents have an even greater need to keep watch over their little ones as they sleep, when they awake, when they cry, and during play. In addition, sleep always arouses a degree of anxiety in parents. Indeed, especially during the first few months, this represents a temporary form of separation from baby, which drives mum and dad to rush to their little one's side at the very slightest noise, to look at them, touch them, and reassure themselves that everything is as it should be.

Accordingly, audio or video control systems, or baby monitors, are a great way to bring a degree of peace of mind to parents, enabling them to go about their normal daily activities without anxiety, keeping an eye on little ones as if they were right there.

What are baby monitors?

The simplest baby monitors are audio versions that remotely transmit any noise made by baby - they essentially function in a similar way to walkie-talkies.

Thanks to these devices, we can move away from baby's room, safe in the knowledge that we will hear any noise that our little one makes.

The most advanced baby monitors feature a video function in addition to transmitting sound; these are connected to video cameras, which enable parents to actually see their little one, for even greater safety.

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