Baby changing bag: what goes inside?

All the things you need to carry with you and how to arrange them

Baby Changing Bag

Right from day one, the baby changing bag is a fundamental ally when going out with your little one. Selecting the right items to put in the baby bag is crucial, in order to have everything on hand and avoid being caught unprepared when the need arises. 

When leaving the house with a baby, the keyword is: preparedness

When leaving the house with a baby, the number of things you need to have with you is so large that it's best to have a changing bag. These are sometimes sold along with the pram or pushchair, though sometimes parents prefer buying one that's specifically suited to their needs. Whatever type of bag you choose, one thing is certain: a large number of items have to fit in your baby's bag to be sure you have everything on hand when needed, from nappies to wet wipes, from the feeding bottle to the babygro, from the bib to the cream. 

What to put in the changing bag

Here's a list of accessories and other useful items that you should always remember to carry with you:

  • A portable, foldable changing mat, often included in the Trio sets.

  • Wet wipes.

  • Nappies (at least 4-5).

  • Soothing cream.

  • Two babygros and a complete change of clothes suitable to the season.

  • One or two spare bibs.

  • A spare pacifier, if the baby uses one, and the pacifier container.

  • If bottle-fed, the necessary feeding equipment; the quantity should be calculated on the basis of how long you expect to be away from home.

  • A feeding bottle with water, if your baby has already started weaning.

  • A blanket suitable to the season.

How to select a changing bag

Baby changing bags are often included in the purchase of a modular child travel system, commonly referred to as a Trio, though in other cases parents prefer to purchase one separately to suit their own needs and tastes. Here are some aspects worth keeping in mind to simplify moving around and taking walks with your baby:

  • Size: it must be sufficiently large to hold all the items you need for your baby, albeit without being excessively cumbersome.

  • Pockets: it must include compartments of different sizes to help subdivide accessories so they are easy to find when needed, especially smaller items.

  • Practical: it should include the option of being worn across the shoulders so that your hands are free to push the pram or pushchair.

  • Hooks: having universal hooks is useful as it allows for the bag to be attached to the pushchair.

  • Weight: a lightweight bag that is neither too rigid nor too soft is best.

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