How to prepare the bath for baby

The daily bath, especially in the early months of life, is a time for pampering and relaxation for both mother and baby.


When to bathe baby

Bath time for newborns is not simply a moment of cleanliness and hygiene - it represents a further opportunity for cuddles and contact with mummy, and a chance for baby to become familiar with water.

Bathing has a relaxing effect and can be a great way to promote sleep, and as such, before the last feed in the evening is often a good time for this ritual.

The right bath temperature

When preparing baby's bath, it is essential to always check the water temperature with a suitable thermometer. This should not exceed 36-37 degrees, while the temperature in the room should be around 23 degrees to prevent baby from feeling cold.

Bath-specific products

When bathing little ones, specific products should be used that are suitable for baby's delicate skin - these should not contain soap or SLES-type surfactants. In the early days, a single product for hair and body can be used, one that is specifically designed to be gentle, emollient and moisturising on newborn skin with a Ph that does not irritate the eyes.

Everything within reach

When preparing the bath, it is important to ensure that you have everything you need before you begin. Everything should be within reach, so that you don’t have to leave baby alone in the tub or on the changing mat.

As soon as they are out of the bath, little ones should be immediately wrapped in a bathrobe or terry towelling square, which is more comfortable for the infant, and then dried by gentling patting the skin without rubbing.

Prolong bath time with a massage

A bath, particularly when followed by a massage, helps to strengthen the relationship between mother and child, and promotes baby's development. Hydrating emollient products can be used to massage baby's skin, particularly if this is dry.

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