Communication between mum and baby: the importance of cuddles

Touch is one of the most important senses that develops right from the embryonic stage. Cuddles and caresses, therefore, are the first means of emotional communication between mother and baby, and serves to strengthen their special bond.


In the first months of life, through the tactile exploration of their own body and above all, through the caresses and daily contact with mummy, babies begins to become aware of their own physical self.

But besides the role it plays in physical perception, touch is also extremely important in               emotional relationships.

The importance of touch in the bond between mother and child

The ability of a newborn baby to perceive sensory stimuli and to absorb the emotional significance of these is truly exceptional, and thanks to skin-to-skin contact with mummy, a unique bond is created between mother and child.

Newborns love to be caressed and embraced

There is no need to worry about giving your little one too many cuddles. Snuggling your newborn is not a bad habit - on the contrary, cuddles provide a feeling of reassurance that babies absolutely need.

Communicating with baby through massage

Baby massage is a useful and stimulating experience, as well as an emotional one, and enables mothers to communicate with their little ones and help them to experience the outside world.

In many cultures, this is an ancient tradition, and is seen as the most accessible non-verbal language for the newborn, as well as a way to encourage early identification of physical and emotional needs and to establish a special, unbreakable link between mother and child.

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