Let's change baby's nappy!

Let's choose a nappy cream together


Changing your baby's nappy is a frequent task which needs to be done in the most convenient and comfortable place possible, and the nappy used must be suitable for the little one. Finally, cleansing and treating the skin of the bottom and genitals is particularly important.

Cleaning and prevention

It is crucial that the skin of a newborn baby, which is particularly delicate and sensitive, receives the appropriate cleansing and protective treatment when changing the nappy, using non-aggressive skincare products which are effective in preventing possible irritation caused by organic residues.

After thoroughly removing the contents of the nappy, the baby's skin condition should be checked carefully. There may simply be a small amount of irritation with a slight degree of redness, but sometimes the skin may present with bright red spots, with a smooth, glossy surface; this can affect the genitals and the inside of the thighs as well as the bottom. In such cases, a soothing protective cream must be applied to provide relief and prevent other forms of redness. Even if the skin doesn't display any signs of redness, it is a good idea to apply a protective cream anyway in order to keep the skin healthy and intact, preventing irritation.

How to apply the cream

Protective pastes and creams should be applied to perfectly clean skin where no residual matter is present. These products act by forming a thin barrier film which adheres perfectly to clean skin, effectively preventing direct contact with faeces and urine. If applied to skin that still has traces of excrement, however, these pastes can fix this to the skin, causing prolonged and unwanted contact that leads to irritation and redness.

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