Nice and clean: a few tips for baby's daily hygiene

Baby's daily hygiene is important and requires great care and attention


For many parents, taking care of baby's daily hygiene, especially in the first few days of life, can be somewhat daunting. All you need to do is follow a few tips in order to turn the daily hygiene routine into a pleasant, peaceful moment. The best time is after the bath, when baby is calm and relaxed.

How to clean baby's ears

Ears should be cleaned regularly, several times a week, using a cotton bud - ideally a baby-safe version. We only need to clean the visible outer area, or the auricle.

How to clean baby's eyes

Eyes can be cleaned using a small, sterile piece of gauze soaked in saline solution.

How and when to cut baby's nails

Nails should be cut often to prevent little ones from scratching themselves. It's best to use special baby nail scissors with rounded tips, or a nail file. The nails on both the feet and hands should be cut straight across in order to avoid ingrown nails. Cutting nails can be challenging, and is best done when baby is relaxed or while sleeping.

How to clean baby's nose

The nose also needs particular attention, because unobstructed breathing through the nose helps to ensure easy feeding and untroubled sleep. A little saline solution can be used to rinse out the nostrils, one after the other.

Oral hygiene, when to start

To complete the daily hygiene routine, it is important to remember oral hygiene, too, even if your baby is very young, and doesn't yet have teeth.

Gums can be cleaned after feeding with a specific gum gel that sanitises baby's mouth.

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