Choosing baby’s name

How to choose the best name for your baby boy

Choosing your baby's name

The right name for them

Choosing baby’s name is one of the best moments of sharing for parents-to-be. What will he be like? Who will he look like? Who will he take after? These are questions that help us to imagine the name that suits him the best, to be chosen based on personal taste, family tradition or your roots. Here are some principles to help you choose what to call your baby.

Choose based on the meaning

“Virile and brave”,“powerful and courageous”,“defender of men”: many classic names, of Greek, Latin, German or Hebrew origin, like Andrew, Richard, Alex and Daniel, have a precise meaning. They also recall rulers, emperors or prophets, like Arthur, Marcus and Joel. There are many printed and digital publications with lists of baby names and the corresponding meaning for inspiration.

Looking for a name that’s out of the ordinary

There’s nothing wrong with seeking out unusual names. Choosing one that’s less common allows the child to stand out and to feel that they have something special. Not to mention the fact that there are some very nice ones. Being original requires some care though. An unusual choice could open the door to other children making fun of him or it might not reflect his real personality.


Matthew – Matt for short

So, there are some great and striking names for baby boys out there. Whether they’re classics or off the beaten track, choosing the right one always requires a bit of caution and some thought. First of all, what surname will it go with? Does it work as a whole? Then there’s the length. If it’s too long, it’ll definitely be shortened. Seb rather than Sebastian… His grandparents may like it, but what about mum and dad? Best to think about it beforehand. 

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