What to pack for childbirth

Suitcase for childbirth: how to pack


There are only a few weeks left before the long-awaited moment: it's time to pack your childbirth suitcase. Here's a list so you don't forget anything.

For you

  • The folder with the documentation and exams that you collected during your pregnancy and the health card, to share quickly information about your health with your doctors.
  • A lightweight, open-front delivery nightdress: comfort is important, especially during your hospital stay.
  • Two or three nightdresses for the days after the birth, open at the front to facilitate breastfeeding
  • A robe and a light sweater so you don't feel cold in the ward.
  • A pair of comfortable slippers, whether open or closed, and two or three pairs of socks depending on the season
  • Post-partum briefs(link), preferably disposable non-woven fabric: more hygienic and containing
  • Specific post-partum absorbent pads(link), in soft hypoallergenic cotton: larger, more absorbent and more delicate than traditional ones.
  • Clothes for discharge day: better choose comfortable and soft clothes to wear
  • Your favourite sweets that you definitely can’t forget in your suitcase, to recover from the labours and soothe the spirit

 ...and before closing the childbirth suitcase... don't forget yourphone charger.

For your daily hygiene

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Liquid intimate soap
  • Shampoo
  • Liquid detergent
  • Moisturising face and body cream
  • A brush
  • Disposable wipes and tissues

But also...as much make-up in your suitcase as you need!

For breastfeeding

  • Two breastfeeding bras: in general, we advise you not to use them during your stay in hospital, leaving your breasts free, but they may be useful during visits or on the day of discharge
  • Breast nursing pads
  • A nipple soothing product that can be used from the first feeding after childbirth to refresh the skin of the breast and nipple, preventing redness and rhagades
  • Your breastfeeding pillow: useful to learn right away the right position during breastfeeding while remaining comfortable and relaxed to enjoy this magical moment

Besides, your favourite herbal tea, fennel and verbena.

For the baby

  • Three changes, complete with bodysuit, babygro and socks
  • Muslin to wrap the baby from the first days

To complete the suitcase for childbirth ... an additional dose of tenderness.

Now that the suitcase is ready, wait calmly for the baby’s birth and arrival: with the appropriate layette you will experience the happy event with greater peace of mind.

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