Let's prepare the nest together

The "nesting" process, as it is called, echoes the natural process that occurs in the animal world, and is the expression of the need felt by mothers-to-be towards the end of pregnancy to prepare baby's bedroom and the environment, ahead of the arrival of the little one.


This is not simply a practical, organisational urge - it is also, and indeed above all, a psychological process of preparation, as the mother focuses her attention on what is about to happen. Preparing a little space, a nest, helps mum to feel ready for baby's arrival.

Let's do it together !Dads can get involved in this process of preparing the nursery too: this is an excellent way for him to really come to terms with the imminent arrival of the little one.

Mums experience the baby's presence first hand, in a gradual yet very direct manner, as she feels its movements and presence. For dads, meanwhile, the awareness of approaching paternity is less acute.

Getting daddy involved

Yes to trips to the gynaecologist, to helping pack a bag for the hospital, but also to the choice of the colours for the walls of the nursery, the pattern on the curtains and the general appearance of a room which, while currently empty, will soon become the epicentre of your future life. 

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