How to make sure you sleep well, despite your pregnant belly

Some advice on how to sleep well despite the size of your bump and common late pregnancy complaints


Sleeping well during pregnancy is crucial to the well-being of the mother-to-be. Very often, however, a number of issues, such as a frequent need to urinate, the increasingly determined movements of the foetus, hormonal changes and especially frequent back pain can affect sleep patterns.

Here's some advice on how to sleep well with your bump.

Find the right position

The position that scientists and experts recommend for pregnant women is sleeping on their side (preferably the left), with knees slightly bent.

This position reduces swelling and water retention, preventing the weight of the foetus from pressing on internal organs and blood vessels.

Use a special pillow

Using a specially designed pillow can help you to sleep well with your pregnant belly.

Indeed, pregnancy pillows are designed to provide complete support to the woman's body, helping to prevent back pain. In addition, by favouring the side sleeping position, they can also improve the quality of sleep.

In particular, the pillow supports both the knees and the ankles, helping to keep them in line with the hips, preventing possible pain and inflammation of the sciatic nerve and providing improved comfort.

Choosing a modular pillow will enable you to meet the various support requirements of your body, which will change and evolve as your belly grows, allowing you to find the most comfortable position to ensure good sleep throughout your entire pregnancy.

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