Take care of yourself, despite the belly

Some advice to feel at ease and in balance with your body, to feel good and beautiful even during pregnancy.


As the pregnancy progresses, a woman's body changes, following the natural stages of pregnancy. The hormones make the breasts more turgid and full, the lines soften and the belly gets more and more hampered by the movements. All these changes, accompanied by a fluctuating mood, threaten to undermine the relationship with your body and with your new physicality. We offer you some advice to feel at ease, despite the belly.

1. Take care of your body

Taking care of your body is a way to participate in the transformation that is taking place, to support it in the rhythms, to live it without suffering it. It is the first gesture of love towards yourself and the baby that is coming. Pampered with a hot bath, a hydrant cream and cut out only your parentheses to dedicate yourself to the care of your body and the miracle it contains.

2. Follow a balanced diet

Choose various and healthy foods and limits, even better eliminates, alcohol, tea, coffee and smoke. Committed to practicing healthy living with relaxing and rejuvenating outdoor walks.

3. Choose a comfortable clothes

To feel at ease despite the belly, opt for comfortable, fresh and breathable clothing. Wearing a specific underwear like a good natural fiber bra, able to support the breasts become voluminous, with wide straps to distribute weight; or a sheath to lighten the baby bump and support the back. This will help you prevent lumbar pain and relax the tissues, to always feel comfortable and beautiful.

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