Baby shower: ideas to make it a hit.

Find out how to organise a baby shower with ideas from our experts.

baby shower


Baby shower: what and where

A baby shower “rains down” presents on mother and the baby that’s about to be born. It’s a celebration which has spread from the United States to Europe. They organise similar parties in Africa, Asia and other parts of America to welcome the birth of a baby, albeit under different names.

Care and pampering for the mother-to-be

But what does a baby shower consist of exactly? The idea is to have a party dedicated entirely to the mum-to-be involving her and her closest friends. The aim is to reassure her, share her joy and feelings, and celebrate her bump as well as “drown” her in useful presents for preparing the suitcase for delivery and for the coming baby.

When and how to organise

The best time is the end of the seventh or beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy, when the mum-to-be has more time to think about organising things but also more need for practical and emotional support. What about the invitations? That’s no problem. There are great themed cards in stationery shops as well as online, and there are even sites that let you create them yourself.

Baby shower: ideas for the perfect party

Once you’ve found the most appropriate location – home, garden, another venue – and taken care of the invitations, all you need to think about is how to make it the best day possible. The decorations, food, drink, cakes and games will centre on mother and baby, with an individual style, but definitely themed and in blue, pink or pastel colours.

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