Breastfeeding and the mother-child relationship

Milk and cuddles: because affection is just as important to growth as food


Breastfeeding is much more than simple a means of satisfying one of the child's instinctive needs - it also represents a precious moment during which mother and baby can communicate, and get to know one another. Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of breastfeeding.

In addition to providing little ones with the best possible nourishment, breastfeeding also serves to naturally enhance the deep bond that is established during pregnancy between mother and baby.

In these precious moments, your baby receives love and a sense of security, two emotions that are essential to their psycho-physical development. Moreover, breastfeeding facilitates the establishment of a feeling of harmony, delivering nutrition as well as affection. Here are a few tips on how to get the best out of breastfeeding.

1. Make sure you allocate a dedicated peaceful time for feeding

The moment during which you breastfeed your little one should be calm and tranquil, echoing the baby's natural rhythm and enabling both of you to enjoy every single emotion that this magical contact evokes.

If possible, it is best to avoid chaotic environments and excessive distractions


2. Choose a cosy, quiet place

Especially during the first few weeks - a delicate period in which you are just becoming familiar with this new experience, which will become increasingly natural day by day - it is important to choose a cosy, quiet place for feeding your little one.


3. Find a comfortable position                                                                                                         

To ensure that your breastfeeding experience is as calm and serene as possible, it is essential to find a comfortable, convenient position, ensuring that your back and shoulders are relaxed so that you can support baby without getting tired.

Babies also need the best possible conditions for a calm, serene feed, particularly because latching on to the breast correctly is the first step towards a "good" feed. For this reason, little ones must be held at the right height with respect to the breast, with the body aligned correctly, and the belly resting against mama's tummy.

4. Use a cushion to help

To ensure a comfortable position for both mother and baby during breastfeeding, special breastfeeding pillows can be used, designed to help mum maintain a comfortable position and to reduce muscle tension in the arms, shoulders, and neck. These cushions also provide little ones with the right support, helping them to latch on properly to the nipple and preventing uncomfortable traction on the breast.

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