Breastfeeding: the importance of the position

How to ensure comfortable breastfeeding

Breastfeeding positions


Proper latching to the breast by the baby and the well-being of the mother are the first prerequisites for a serene and lasting breastfeeding experience. The breastfeeding position should therefore be comfortable for both. When holding the baby, the mother should have a relaxed back and shoulders and not have to make any effort. The baby should be at the right height compared to the breast, with the body well aligned and towards the mother.

Classic or alternative, the important thing is that the position for breastfeeding is correct

There are many breastfeeding positions, from the traditional to the more unconventional ones. The classic nursing position, called "cradle", is the one with the baby on the mother’s side, with head, shoulders and legs aligned, belly against belly. The breast is supported by one hand and the baby's head rests on the other forearm.

A position for every need

A widely used variant in the first few weeks is the "transition grip" as it can be easy to perform even for first-time mothers. In this case, the baby is supported by a breastfeeding pillow that holds it directly to the nipple. The baby's neck is supported by the mother's hand, the one opposite to the breast to which the baby is latched. But there are many positions for breastfeeding correctly: alone, or with the help of an expert, every mother will find the one that best suits her needs.

Breastfeeding pillow, an aid for both

The breastfeeding pillow, specially designed for the time of feeding and the right consistency and shape, helps the mother to support the baby giving security and thus ensuring a comfortable position by reducing muscle tension in the arms, shoulders and neck. It also provides the baby with a soft and comfortable nest during breastfeeding.

Find the best position for you, or help yourself with the appropriate pillows to better enjoy the extraordinary moment of breastfeeding with your baby.

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