Meal time

The importance of the feeding area in weaning

Babies soon learn to associate the highchair with mealtimes, and as such, it is important to create a ritual to be followed at every meal.


Children are creatures of habit and need certainty, and accordingly, when weaning, it can be useful to create a sort of feeding ritual , establishing a very precise place within the home where your little one always eats, using the same methods and "tools" - from the highchair to cutlery and crockery - in order to create an atmosphere of calmness, serenity and sharing.

The role of the highchair

The highchair plays an important role, as the child associates it instantly and instinctively with mealtimes, recognising it as the specific place where this activity occurs right from the start.

Sometimes, when little ones are crying because they are hungry, simply sitting them in their high chair is enough to calm them, as they become aware that soon, food will be arriving.

In addition to the highchair being comfortable and safe, it is also important that it can be adjusted and adapted as your little one grows, so it can be transformed into a reclined cradle in the early months, and then later into a real chair, when baby is able to sit in a more upright position.

At the table with mummy, daddy and siblings

As early as possible, the highchair should be brought to the table where mummy, daddy and any brothers and sisters eat in order to provide baby with an early experience of eating together, encouraging learning through copying the behaviour of others: how to use cutlery, and what you should and shouldn't do at the table. As such, it is very important to set a good example, from a nutritional perspective too.

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