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A baby carrier to keep your little one close

Carrying your little one in a baby carrier allows close physical contact, which is positive for the parent and reassuring to the child - a gratifying experience for both.


Right from the first few months of life, you can choose a baby carrier to transport your little one - an accessory that can provide you with constant and prolonged physical contact with your baby. Let's look at why the baby carrier is a good option for carrying little ones.

The importance of physical contact

Physical contact between mother and baby is important for both, especially in the first few weeks of life, when the loss of the intense and exclusive relationship experienced during pregnancy is felt.

As such, carrying your little one in the baby carrier has a positive, immediate and lasting effect. The carrier enables you to take care of your little one at all times, reinforcing the sense of confidence and assurance in yourself as a mother, and in your ability to be able to understand and meet the needs of your baby.

Precious freedom of movement

Using a baby carrier can ensure freedom of movement, which is very important. You can move from one room to another or decide to get out of the house for a stroll without too much effort in terms of logistics, safe in the knowledge that your little one is right there at all times. With your baby in the carrier, you may even be tempted to take on some housework. Be careful though - it is crucial to ensure your little one is safe first and foremost, avoiding any activity that could lead to a collision or any other domestic accident.

Contact with daddy too

For daddy too, using the baby carrier represents a great opportunity to stay in close contact with baby and to get to know one another.

Early and prolonged contact with little ones, courtesy of the baby carrier, represents an important chance for dads to get to know their babies, and to begin to build a relationship that will help baby to recognise daddy as a significant figure, encouraging the development of the father-child bond

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