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Walking in the fresh air!

Walking in the fresh air: well-being for children of all ages


Being outdoors is good for little ones, right from the first few days of life. Simply follow a few little tips to enjoy relaxing walks in the fresh air.

There is no reason why newborns cannot be taken out of the house as early as the very first few weeks of life. Outdoor walks are a must for children of all ages, and provide an opportunity for relaxation and fun for mums too. It is important, however, to follow a few simple guidelines.

Choose the best time of day

When heading out on a relaxing walk with your little one, it is important to pick the best time of day. Avoid the hottest hours in the summer, and the coldest in the winter.

Green is better

When choosing a place to stroll with your little one, areas with less traffic are always better. Ideally, whenever possible, walk in green spaces, such parks or country lanes.

In the baby carrier or the stroller

Whether in the baby carrier, in contact with mummy's reassuring warmth, lying comfortably in the pram or sitting in the stroller, babies are surrounded by important stimuli for the development of the senses: The colours, the smells, the voices of the people, the noises of nature - for babies, walking in the fresh air is an important opportunity to discover the world around us, getting to know it day by day. 


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